About us

The company offers innovative and high-quality services complying with international standards:

Rhea was established in 2011 with the aim to provide professional real estate service and property advice to its customers. The company offers an integrated service advising banks and financial institutions on all areas of investment, development and owner-occupied situations. Rhea’s mission is to attract investments in the real estate field and become a reliable partner to customers in the real estate business.

Our Services

Real Estate Valuation

Get advice from a professional appraiser, find out what your property is worth, get an evaluation report and place the property on the Internet;

Movable Property Valuation

Our professional evaluators will help you to understand what your property is worth, get an evaluation report and sell, rent or place it as collateral via Internet;

Property Management

Professionals will help you to manage your property, get statistical and analytical information, obtain access to market studies, and get information on the local market;

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What We Offer?


For House Buyers: All necessary information and assistance for identifying or selecting private homes, mortgage quotes;

For Rent: Searching rent spaces, sub-lending or renting various properties;

Evaluation: Get professional advice regarding the value of your property, get official evaluation report and upload your property in the internet;

For Owners: Create property history, know the current and historic value of your property and plan its better usage;

Property Management: The professionals will help you to manage your property, receive statistical and analytical information, market research and information regarding the local market;

Technical Assistance: Measurement of real estate, registration, designing, planning, construction and advisory services.